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Wintering Geraniums

Tips On Wintering Geraniums Safely

Wintering geraniums is important if you would like to save your plants until the spring. This process protects the plant from exposure to the cold because temperatures that go below 25 degrees for a long period of time can harm or even kill this plant. It you enjoy your geranium and it is a healthy plant, you will want to save it until it is warm enough to put it back outside in the spring. Wintering geraniums is a great way to do this without causing the plant any harm.

Another thing that can harm the geraniums during the winter months is an over accumulation of water. Even if the temperatures are not that low, excess water from melted snow or heavy rains can damage the plant. This is another reason for keeping this plant protected during the winter months by wintering geraniums.

The geranium is a flowering plant that produces colorful blooms. It naturally grows in tropical regions and mountainous areas. The leaves are long and thin and light green in color. The blooms have a pleasing fragrance and they also have 5 individual petals that are heart shaped. They have green and dark purple seedlings that protrude from the center of the bloom. They come in a variety of shades and colors that include white, pink, shades of red and blue.

These plants are exceptionally beautiful, so it isn’t surprising that people would want to keep them alive until the next growing season. Luckily, this is not hard to do and you also have more than one choice when it comes to wintering geraniums. Long before the first frost occurs, you will have to start thinking about what to do with them. The geranium can survive in less than 30 degree temperature but it is a good idea to remove them long before this happens to avoid damaging the plant.

The most common method of wintering geraniums is to place them in a pot and keep them indoors for the winter. You will want to keep them at a cooler temperature, so the basement might be a perfect place for your flowering plants. At this point they do not need any extra light and they can survive on a few hours of sunlight daily. You will want to reduce the amount of water you give to the plant and only water once a week. Make sure the pot has holes on the bottom to allow the water to drain out. If you have a plate under the pot to catch the excess water, you can keep it emptied also. You should keep the plant properly groomed and eliminate any leggy growth that occurs. When the weather gets warmer, you can place the potted plant in a window and begin to water it more. As soon as the weather is warm enough outside, you can place the plant back outdoors.

Another way to save your plants during the winter is to take the plant out of the soil with the roots exposed. Hang them in a cooler, undisturbed area. Place them in a clear plastic bag that contains wet peat moss. You can take string or cord and loosely tie the end of the plant and hang it upside down within the plastic bag. In late February, you can place the plant in soil again and begin to water it and give it sunlight.

Geraniums are delicate plants, so always winterize them by placing them in an undisturbed area. Make sure to keep the plants watered throughout the wintering process. You will want to water them less often but do not forget that they are there.



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