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Ivy Geraniums

Tips On Ivy Geraniums

If you have been thinking about keeping an attractive plant to keep in a window or garden box, you can consider getting a few ivy geraniums. These hearty flowering plants have been around since the early 1700’s and they have caught the eye of gardeners all over the world. When placed in a pot or hanging basket the plant grows downward and the long vines produce a mix of foliage and beautiful blooms. Ivy geraniums are a nice way to jazz up a balcony, window or your garden.

There are many different types of ivy geraniums and each one is unique. The balcon series has a trailing habit that allows this plant to grow up to 4 feet in one season. The cascade series can grow 3 feet a season and the mini cascade series can grow 2 feet a season. This plant gives you the choice to grow whatever type you would like and this depends on your own person tastes.

Ivy geraniums have large star shaped leaves that a medium green color.  This evergreen plant produces blooms all year long and they come in a large variety of colors. These colors include white, pink, purple and red and they also come in a slight mix of all these colors. It isn’t rare to see a speckling or slight striping of these colors on the petals. The blooms slightly resemble a rose but there are fewer petals and the petals are also much bigger and have a bit of a different shape. The blooms appear to have a soft billowy look and your first impulse might be to touch these soft flowers. The colors of the blooms are always bright and eye catching and add a splash of color to any area they are placed in.

These ivy geraniums can either be annual or perennial depending on the type of plant you purchase. They can reach 18 inches in height but this also depends on the individual type of plant. But if you were thinking about keeping a few ivy geraniums in your garden, you will have to make sure that your climate is right for these plants. They do not do well in cooler climates and they are not recommended for areas where the temperature goes lower than 32 degrees for a long period of time. But this should not stop you if you are interested in this plant because many people keep them indoors in a planter. There are a few good tips you should learn about before purchasing this plant.

Most every kind of flowering plant needs plenty of sunshine. This plant needs a slight mix of both strong sunshine and partial shading. It may be a good idea to place the plants in an area that receives shading in the morning and hot direct sunlight in the afternoon. This way the plant will produce more of those wonderful blooms.

You will have to test your soil to see if it contains the proper nutrients for this type of plant. It has specific PH requirements and you may need to add fertilizer to your soil mix for healthier plants. If your soil test states that you do need fertilizer to improve the soil, you can mix it in to the soil and water it thoroughly.  Wait at least one week before you plant your ivy geraniums.

If you will be keeping this plant in a pot in your home, place it in a window to make sure it gets enough sun. Make sure the container or pot has holes in the bottom for water drainage and never over water this plant. The roots are very sensitive and can become damaged if they sit in water for too long.



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