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Beginner Growing Tips for the Geranium Rozanne


The Geranium Rozanne is a perennial that is hardy and beautiful.  Because of its hardiness and beautiful blooms, this Geranium was the recipient of the “Perennial Plant of 2008” award.  The more common name for this plant is Crane’s Bill so when you begin shopping around, if you cannot find it under the Geranium Rozanne name, check the Crane’s Bill name as well.

This particular variety of Geranium makes a beautiful addition to any garden, producing large, five-petal violet blue blooms that have a unique white center.  The two and one-half inch diameter blooms appear late in the springtime and continue all the way through the month of November.  While many varieties of the Geranium do not handle hot temperatures, the Geranium Rozanne is actually very tolerant.

In addition to the gorgeous blooms, this Geranium also boasts slightly marbled foliage that is deep green.  However, during the fall months, the foliage begins to change to a reddish brown color.  The versatility of the Geranium Rozanne makes this a popular choice, great for borders, rock gardens, as groundcover, and even in hanging baskets and window boxes.  With this, the plant would work beautifully indoors or outdoors.  You could place one plant in the ground or organize several in a unique pattern, whether in your flowerbed, on your deck or patio, or in a container for indoor enjoyment.

The soil for the Geranium Rozanne needs to be well-drained and if you want to encourage spread, we strongly recommend you stick with organic soil.  You do not want the soil to be soaked but you do want to keep it moist, especially in the summertime.  This plant can handle some sunlight but it does best in partial shade.  To promote ongoing blooms, when any die, they need to be deadheaded, which means snapping or cutting them off.

The name of the Geranium Rozanne or Crane’s Bill comes from the seed pod shape, which resembles the bill of a Crane.  While this plant does very well in different countries and growing zones such as five through eight, it is highly popular throughout Europe.  This Geranium is a hybrid clump-forming plant unlike other Geraniums in that it can grow in a mound anywhere from 20 to 24 inches wide.  Additionally, this particular variety does not have problems with disease or insects, making it easy to grow, especially beginners.

If you want to use the Geranium Rozanne to create a gorgeous garden area outside, you can combine it with a number of other flowers.  Some of the best choices that would compliment this Geranium include the Siberian Iris, Garden Phlox, Salvia, Shasta Daisy, and a variety of ornamental grasses.  Once the flowers bloom, you will be the envy of the neighborhood.



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